Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am stressed out. How do I know? I have been having stress dreams.

Believe it or not they are not about scary malls, LOL. I am not quite sure what triggers those.

My stress dreams involve going to school. I dream I am in college and have not been going to class all semester(sometimes I even forget where and when the class meets!!). Or I have forgotten to do ALL the assignments. Last night I dreamt that the semester was coming to an end and I realized that i had not written any papers in awhile and was wondering if I was supposed to. I was also wanting badly to take a year off. I believe that I was also working(same job as in real life) and wanted to continue doing that. I was seeking the advice of our school librarian as to if it would be okay to take a year off of school.

Now, I am not exactly sure what I am stressed about. No doubt the continuing probate and house selling. I think all the extra hours I am working is contributing to it as well. And TJ getting out of the army and the uncertainty there.

Whatever it is, though, it makes for some pretty interesting yet bothersome dreams.


That corgi :) said...

it is interesting about dreams, isn't it? You do have lots on your plate so I can see some of those thoughts could filter into your dreams. Let's hope some things settle down soon!


GingerV said...

I understand dreams are not about the story but about the feelings evoked.... I suspect your wanting (needing) to run and hide - leaving everything behind..... maybe a vacation (one week) on a mountain top or a beach, with no computer / phone / or probate courts....

GingerV said...

I posted a comment which is now gone, what a pain.

Robyn :) said...

I never saw yours :( Stupid blogger. My cat gardening post never came back either.

That corgi :) said...

and I do know I commented on this and I think that is the one you referred to that the post is there but my comment was gone. darn that blogger!!