Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three More Days

I have three more days until I go to Florida. Woohoo!!

However, I haven't been able to get everything done that I wanted to due to a cold. Boo. I wanted to get my house pretty cleaned up so it would be nice to come back to, but it looks like the only room that will be cleaned will be the kitchen. And the downstairs bathroom. Oh well, better than nothing! And I am glad I got the cold this week and not on vacation! Though I am worried about the fluid build up in my ear and flying. Hopefully the doctor will give me something today to help it drain before Friday.

I plan to blog while on my trip. In the evenings. If I am not too tired. I also have a blog planned with my packing "tips" (really, I am just going to show you how I packed for the trip) for Thursday.

As for the trip, we pretty much know all that we(mostly I) want to do, but there is room for additional stuff LOL. My three must dos are Clearwater Beach, Tarpon Springs and Mixon Fruit Farms. And the graduation, of course, but that is a given. Additional ideas are Dade City, Busch Gardens, Parksdale Farms, St. Petersburg and Harley Shop/Scrapbook store hunts. I also plan to take my MIL and SIL out for a morning of pampering, shopping and lunch. We also plan to take our nephew to a movie. Oh, and my aunt and uncle are taking TJ and I out for an early anniversary celebration :) Oh, and of course we will go to church on Sunday and see our old friends.

I have quite a few restaurants picked out that I want to revisit or try for the first time. At several of them I have looked up their menus online and already have planned what I am going to order!!(That's not crazy, is it?). Even more crazier, perhaps, is that I also have planned where I want to eat at DFW during our flight layover LOL!! Since we have close to 3 hours I can get to the terminal that has the cereal place and get me some yogurt and cereal!! And we can probably stop by the USO as well(which has FREE cereal, but not yogurt LOL).

Okay, guess I better get back to reality here and start working on my kitchen.

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That corgi :) said...

you are like me, a planner! I like how you have it planned where you want to eat and what you want to eat! too funny! but how exciting that the trip is almost here; sorry about the cold though! Hope you do feel better by the time of your flight!! Sounds like it will be a great trip indeed!