Friday, May 13, 2011

Um, Did You See It?

I know Blogger was down yesterday, but in a Read Only Mode and my post on Scout gardening was up. Now it is NOT and the draft I saved is from before I made changes to it.

Did anyone see it? I really don't want to redo it AGAIN.

I just looked for the blog I linked on as well AND their blog from yesterday is not coming up either. Has anyone else lost blogs from yesterday?

Oh, hey, another blog that was lost just came back(minus the comment Betty left!). Maybe the other one will too :)

If you do not see your comment on my last post it is because of Blogger, not because I deleted it! Still waiting on my kitty gardening one


Kim said...

Yeah, I had a post missing too, but it's back now.

That corgi :) said...

I saw your gardening one Robyn yesterday morning (or sometime yesterday) but couldn't get to it right then due to work; then of course I couldn't get onto Blogger last night. Today it is in my dashboard but when I clicked it on, the link said that page wasn't available.....darn that Blogger! I also know that comments I left on a lot of people's entries yesterday are gone......darn that Blogger!