Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why I Like To Fly

With my trip coming up ONE MONTH from today (yay!!) I am getting really excited and ready (my silver City Flats came today and I bought new shorts at Walmart!!). I thought I would take this opportunity to share my thoughts on flying.

I love flying. Provided I take some Xanax first. To deal with the turbulence. I have had my fair share, the worse being a flight from New Mexico to Phoenix (this after attending a friend's funeral. That was NOT a good day). So I always take Xanax before I fly. Usually one for each flight(I always have 2 flights each way because we fly on American Eagle out of and into Manhattan {and we connect in Dallas} which is 20 minutes away as opposed to driving 2 1/2 hours to KCI. Plus ALL parking is free.).

Flying is very relaxing to me. This is mostly due to the Xanax, of course. It is also because on a plane, you can't go anywhere!! All there is to do is sit there and read or watch a movie or listen to music or write or color. When I am at home I am always thinking of other things I should be doing, but on a flight there is nothing else! When you are driving in a car there is so much to see and get distracted by, but on a plane, not so much. Unless you are flying over the Grand Canyon. Plus in the car you may want to stop a lot to see something or use the bathroom. On the plane there is no stopping until you land!! And the bathroom is right there with you. I would probably also like a train for the fact that it doesn't stop too often, but the scenery would probably distract me, though that can be relaxing.

I have only had a few really bad flights (mostly due to turbulence or really annoying people). I have also been fortunate to sit in first class a couple of times. If you check in elctronically, sometimes they give you the option of upgrading for a nominal fee. TJ and I have both taken advantage of that, BUT not at the same time, unfortunately. First class is nice because you get bigger, better reclining seats, they serve you a beverage before you take off (in a plastic cup) and once you are airborne you get served your beverage in a REAL glass. Plus they have meals. Oh, and usually they have a blanket. Love it.

Do you like to fly or do you prefer to drive? Anyone taken a train before??

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That corgi :) said...

Drive unless I can have Xanax when I fly and the flights cann't be more than 2 to 2-1/2 hours long which worked great when we lived in Montana; we had to fly to a hub and then fly to our destination so an hour or so to the hub and then usually our destinations were 2 to 2-1/2 hours after that and I could handle that (with Xanax LOL).

I'm the one who is always watching the flight attendants, if they seem unconcerned I try not to be concerned. We have had some turbulence on our flights, hubby had a really bad flight one time when they would dip thousands of feet because of turbulence with the storms around them. Thankful I wasn't on that flight!

I am glad you are excited about your trip! It will be hear before you know it!!

I have taken a train too, several times from Pennsylvania to Southern California when I was younger (like in elementary school). One time I went across country when we were moving from Pennsylvania to here and I had broken my ankle the week before; my mom mom had to deal with that with everything else with the move.

If I have time I do like driving; it is fun to look outside and see the scenery