Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yet Another School Dream

So, last night I had another dream about going back to college. However, this time, I had not missed any classes or work because I was just starting classes LOL.

I had a History class with a very thin textbook so I wasn't to worried about getting the work completed. We had a good class discussion about something, but I believe I was in the class with our former 5th graders :) My other class was an English class and we were given a very thick novel to read, but I wasn't worried about it. I was worried about remembering to go to class, though, and was constantly checking my schedule.

I also had a 3rd class and was trying at first to remember what it was. It was a fun class like sports or dancing or singing. I was considering dropping it, though.

In another part of my dream I was having a hairy problem. I was growing hair from my chest!! And my eyebrows were going a little crazy. Weird.

Oh, and a few days ago I had a mall dream. It was 2 stories and apparently the bottom level was fine and full, but the upper level stores were all closed so I was afraid to go up there. The mall was well lit, though.

Anyone else having crazy dreams lately??

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That corgi :) said...

very interesting dreams! cool that you can remember them too! I know I dream but rarely remember them when I wake up.