Thursday, May 19, 2011

You and Me

The new Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar FINALLY opened in Manhattan. It is called UMI, which means "you and me together". At least that is what our waitress told us. I have been waiting for this as it is the only full service sushi restaurant in the surrounding area. The next closest would be Topeka.

Not only is it a sushi restaurant it is also a Hibachi restaurant. They have one big room where you sit in a rectangle and the chef makes the food in front of you!!! With flare, of course. We opted to sit in the main restuarant, though, at a regular table.

I started with a shrimp and crap soup

For my main dish I had a Tiger Roll

One word to describe it -- Winning!!

TJ ordered a steak Bento Box. A bento box is more like a tray, divided into compartments. He chose steak as the main dish and it also came with tempura vegetables, a crap rangoon(which they call a crab puff), fried rice, a salad and 6 piece California Roll. It was supposed to have fruit, too, but I think they substituted it with the California roll because it took a little long to come. Since it took a while I also ordered a California Hand Roll

This was my first hand roll and it was awesome.

This was also the very first time TJ ate a whole meal with chopsticks :) He struggled a little but did well overall. I am so proud of him.

We will definitely be going back, hopefully to try the Hibachi next time. It is my new favorite restaurant :)

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That corgi :) said...

sounds delicious! and WTG to TJ for using the chopsticks! I have yet to master that technique!! Never tried sushi but do like hibachi cooking!

have a great weekend!