Thursday, June 23, 2011

Again and Again and Again

I have set up an exercise routine/schedule, yet again. I am into the second week and keeping up with it :) In addition to packing every day and other stuff LOL

Here is the (flexible) plan.

Walk everyday. 5 days a week -- Monday through Friday, but I can also walk on Saturday to make up a day. I am walking though the neighborhood right now and the Riverwalk on Fridays, but eventually I will switch over to the golf course trails(2 miles). If it is raining or too hot I will go to the gym and do 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 min on the bike and 5 min on the elliptical. I also run if certain songs(like St. Elmo's Fire or Born to be Alive) come on(but not up a hill). Right now I am on one mile on the Riverwalk, but this week I will go a little further and next month get up to 2 miles. I may switch over to biking on the Riverwalk if TJ doesn't take the truck to work. This week I also started swimming again. My routine there is I get a chair, put on sunscreen, lie on my stomach for one song, then on my back for another(to get an even tan), then swim laps(2 for right now, plus a quarter for my arms only). Then I read for the amount of time I swim. If it is storming I will do yoga instead. Right now I am learning yoga poses so I am doing that, too. When I go back to work, my routine will change, but this works for now.

I also pack a little everyday(the exercise helps give me energy to do this). Right now I am concentrating on the craftroom. Packing includes cleaning and organizing :) I have also been going through the livingroom, but that has been more cleaning.

I have been working on probate stuff this week, too(post later).

I have been trying to cook from my computer recipe files as well.

I start every morning off by reading the Book of Mormon. I also take vitamins daily (multi, C, and energy. D if I am not in the sun and Relora Plex if I am stressed). I also keep a schedule in my phone of what I want to accomplish each day. My goal(among many) is to be productive during the week and accomplish all I set out to do and then have my weekends free to just relax and do fun stuff :) And concentrate on spiritual matters on Sunday.

Anyone else have a summer schedule? Exercise routine? Packing tips?

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That corgi :) said...

I like your exercise routine and your daily routine! are you moving? I missed that if you are. Packing tips, get rid of everything you haven't used lately and then start packing things you don't usually use and work your way forward. honestly,

I am still struggling with a routine since we moved five months ago. I used to have it down pat, exercise, walk the dog, read the Bible, pray, etc. Can't quite get used to having hubby here so oftentimes I'm hurrying through getting things done before I go to work.

keep up the good work with the exercise!