Thursday, June 16, 2011

And Then We Came Home

On Sunday we came back home. I was a little worried about the 2nd flight as our track record with 2nd flights from the east coast is less than stellar. First there was the rude people/loud kicking kids from the connecting flight in New Jersey after our Rhode Island trip. Then there was the horrible storm/turbulence and diversion to KC after my Boston trip. I was hoping that was just a New England thing.

It was :) Our flights were fine. On the first one I worked on my little scrapbook and read and ate and had a gingerale. On the second I slept. Woke up over Kansas where we did experience some turbulence and some rather gusty winds as we landed!! I will take that over the other problems any day!!

While at DFW for our connecting flight we went to the USO and I watched Keeping up With the Kardashians while TJ fled upstairs LOL. Oh, I also got a frozen hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts :)

On the medication front, I took a Xanax before bed the night before and another before the flight. I can't remember if I took a half before the 2nd flight or not, but I did sleep so probably. And then guess what decided to show up on Sunday? So when we got home I started getting cramps so I took a muscle relaxer. Needless to say, I slept the rest of the day(except when I had Burger King for lunch/dinner). My little pooh stuck close to my side. I unpacked the next day.

He was happy......

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That corgi :) said...

Scout did look like he missed you! Glad the return flights went smoothly!