Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Annversary Sunset Dinner Cruise

We decided that since we were celebrating our anniversary on this trip we should do something special to celebrate our anniversary. I found the brochure for the dinner cruises in the lobby of the motel. After researching a couple we chose the Starlight Princess in St Petersburg.

The Starlight line offered the best price plus a discount. We chose this one because it was a paddle boat(the other was a yacht).

I did my hair up with flowers.

We took the Crosstown again and the Gandy Bridge across the bay

Passed Derby Lane

We got into town a little early so we drove around a bit. We found another Christmas store!! It was smaller than Robert's, but had a great variety and even smelled like Christmas.

After that we found a souvenir store and got a couple of things.

Back at the boat we waited half an hour to board and met some of the other people going on the cruise. All nice. Then it was time to board!!

Here is the inside


View from our seat(when the people at the window seats weren't there LOL)


Paddle wheels


It is nearly impossible for me to get on a boat with a camera and not do this.

We were seated next to 2 of the nicest people ever. They lived in St. Pete and were really friendly. The guy played in aband and they even invited us to come hear him play on Sunday, but unfortunately we were going home that day :(

They had a "band" on board which consisted of 2 people. The guy was okay, but the girl had a BEAUTIFUL voice.
TJ and I only danced once, but that was okay.

We each chose a fish dish for dinner(TJ was shrimp alfredo and I got parmesan crusted tilapia) and we decided to get an appetizer. We chose beef wellington, but the waitress came back and said they had just ran out so we ordered shrimp and crab dip. Then she brought the beef welligton and said they did have it after all. Then she brought the dip!! She said it was on the house since they has screwed up LOL (the meal was included in the cruise price, but appetizer's and drinks were extra). We also had a salad, bread and cheesecake for dessert.

The star attraction was the sunset, which we watched from the top of the boat.

Everyone clapped when it disappeared.

We both very much enjoyed the cruise and it was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary :)


Kim said...

That looks SO FUN! How awesome!

That corgi :) said...

you did great with the pictures of the sunset! what a nice way to celebrate your anniversary!! I'm sure it was very romantic!!

My husband and the band he was in at the time played on a paddle boat like this that went around San Diego Harbor; it was very nice!

The food sounded good too; that was nice that they gave you something complimentary too because of their mistake!

surely a great evening you will remember for a long time!