Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Build A Cat and Grandma

Friday was a busy day. This post will be about the morning. The first thing we did was go visit Grandma Ruth. I don't think our family visits her unless TJ or I are out there and take them, but his one brother is wanting to make an effort to go more often :) Luckily Grandma has great neighbors who visit and help her out. I am going to try to send cards and notes monthly as well so she knows TJ and I are thinking of her. If I lived out there I would be visiting, believe me.

Grandma gave the kids pictures of themselves in 1994. Here is TJ at 11 years old.

I also accepted a couple of pictures of TJ's dad as a baby. She was saying she had a bunch of pictures she was wanting to give away before she dies. I told her I like to have pictures for TJ since we don't have many.

After went to Build A Bear. On the way we saw this fireworks stand all set up

Also, this awesome lady was sitting on the corner with signs just waving at people

At the store I picked out a cat, which I have been wanting FOREVER

While stuffing her the lady kept talking and asking me about my vacation

This one took forever to find an outfit for. I wanted a flowery sundress, but could not find anything. We almost went with a very fancy formal dress(which I have also always wanted to do) or even a Cinderella dress, but finally we decided to go with a Rays outfit to match the Bucs dog TJ made last year.

I named her Flori Da Cat. Get it?

I call her Florie, though.

Our nephew made a bear named Chopper.

As we were leaving I asked TJ to dump her back in the bag so he did

The end.

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That corgi :) said...

that's a man for you, taking what we say literally and dumping Florie back in head down. Hope she didn't get a headache! I love her formal name and I did get it!! I'm glad you visited Grandma Ruth and got some pictures of TJ! I think she will be so glad to get monthly updates from you and TJ!