Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carnival Time!!

There was a little carnival on post this weekend, in the PX parking lot. Usually they have this one in May so I thought they were not having it this year, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the rides going up during the week.

The company they used for this one was Ottoway, which is quite pricey, BUT they have the nicest looking carnival people you will ever see.

This looked delicious..

but, alas, it was only a game LOL

We stayed at the carnival a whopping 10 minutes. Enough time to get the essentials -- a carebear(I won him for $6.00 total!)


What is your favorite carnival food? Ride? Thing to win?

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

how cute with the care bear you won!! Not too bad too for only $6.00 to win him!! Yum on cotton candy!! And it has few calories, that's what always surprises me with it.

Funnel cakes at fairs if they have them! And any ride that stays on the ground, LOL. I'm always wondering how well those fair rides are put together so I like to stay planted on the ground if possible :)

sounds like a fun thing to do for a bit!