Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christmas All Year Round

One place that I love to visit while I am in Florida is Robert's Christmas Wonderland. It is a huge store dedicated to Christmas (obviously).

I forgot to get a panoramic view of the store, but this is the back room where they showcase their trees, lights and lifesize figures

They also have many Christmas(and even a Halloween!) villages like these

Themed trees

England and Ireland

Pickle Tree!!




I want that palm tree Christmas tree!!

Rainbow of trees

Even a Halloween tree

I'll leave you with this happy little trio


That corgi :) said...

that looks like a cool store! I would enjoy looking at all the displays! I'm sure you can find just about anything to do with Christmas there!


Kim said...

I still don't get why the Asian tree is standing on its head!

Robyn :) said...

The American tree was the same. It is to show that they have trees that are upside down!! Guess for something different.