Friday, June 10, 2011

Clearwater Beach and Sushi

For more pictures look at my Facebook Album. I added them after the Tarpon Springs pictures. Also, sorry for the delay in posting. We had some issues with getting online at the hotel.

On Wednesday we went to the beach. That's it. Just a day to relax and not have to be anywhere else :)

Back on the Courtney Campbell Causeway into Clearwater

On to the beach!!

Beautiful Gulf of Mexico

There was a sandbar out in the middle you could stand on!!

TJ got bit by one of these fish out there!!

We rented an umbrella and chairs for the day

View to the right

View to the left

What be that approaching??

Why it is a rogue pirate ship!!

Lunchtime at Frenchy's

She Crab soup

TJ tried his first raw oyster

One had a friend!!

Portabello Mushroom Sandwich


Key Lime Pie

Banana Berry something

Some guys started a volleyball game

Back to the beach!!

It was truly a most relaxing day. Even TJ was able to sit and nap

Next time I want to spend a whole week here. I want a strictly beach vacation with only one day to go into town and see everyone.

For dinner we went to my favorite sushi restaurant.

It was one of my favorite days out of the whole trip.


That corgi :) said...

I can see why it was a relaxing day! The sand, the water, the food!!

Beaches are so much more different that side of the country; so pristine looking with the color of the sand! I'm with you, I could spend a whole week on the beach myself!!

glad you took one day to relax like this too; I'm sure it was refreshing!


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