Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Country Stampede 2011

After a 2 year hiatus(for Us, not them!) we attended Country Stampede in Manhattan again. Sunday is Military day and the tickets are free (the parking, however, is not. $15)

Anyway, the drive out is always nice. For the first time I realized you can see Tuttle Creek Dam from Tuttle Creek Blvd.

Hwy 13

View from the dam

Last time we were sitting on these roads forever!!

This time we zipped right along and got in quickly and even had close parking!!

We don't really care about the music (unless someone really good is playing LOL). We go for the fair portion and because it is free.

I found the ULTIMATE in unnaturally fried food booths!!

I tried fried green beans, which were awesome!

And fried key lime pie

Now let me tell you, I was a little apprehensive of this as I have had fried cheesecake and it was not good, but the Key Lime Pie was out of this world!! It may be the best fried dessert ever!! Even surpassing fried twinkies, fried ding dongs and fried snickers/milky ways. LOVED it.

TJ went the traditional route with a corn dog

That was pretty much it for us. We did check out some canopy chairs, which I totally want and this booth which TJ said looked like Mardis Gras from hell

On the way back to the car we saw this, which rocked

Not only is it just awesome, it also helps you to find your car more easily LOL

I took a couple pictures of the lake on the way out

Souvenirs I got were flag beads (for Sundown Salute next weekend)

Feathers for the upcoming rodeos(the first time I went to a rodeo was with my uncle and his RV store friends in Illinois and I got red feathers their and have been wanting another pair since we have been going to rodeos out here!)

(Scout is currently grabbing and licking one of the feathers LOL!!)

And FREE fans for filling out a form to win tickets for next year (I was sure to list RANDY TRAVIS under the part that asked who we would like to see playing next year[excluding Garth Brooks and George Strait -- seriously, it said that! Because they would never come])

Total cost for everything which included above souvenirs, fried green beans, fried key lime pie, corn dog, icecream, 2 fresh squeezed lemonades, and parking was $55. Not bad!

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That corgi :) said...

fried key lime pie does sound like it could be good! I bet the beans also were delicioius! Looks like a fun time!! Wow though $15 for parking! It cost more to park there than at Disneyland :)