Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fair Season Has Begun

One of the great things about Summer in the Midwest is that it is also fair season!! Most counties or towns have their fairs in the summer. This weekend Council Grove in Morris County had theirs, which is called Washunga Days(named after an indian chief). I had never heard of this one except my friend, Bren, had a booth and let us all know :)

I must say, it was a great one to start the season with.

(where else are you going to see a sexy alien?)

At their fairgrounds they have a flea market on one side of the baseball diamond and a carnival on the other. At the flea market I found a whole set of Camp Snoopy glasses!! I also reconnected with my Tupperware lady and got a catalog.

The best thing about fairs, though, is the food, especially unnaturally fried foods like Twinkies and candy bars. I have tried a whole gamut of unnaturally fried foods(mostly candy bars), but this place offerred up 2 choices I had yet to try(or even hear of)

I am not a fan of pop tarts so I went for the Ding Dong, along with some fresh squeezed lemonade

The verdict --- AWESOME. Next time I will try the poptart for kicks.

The rest of the fair is held along Main Street, which is where the rest of the food offerings were.

We opted, instead, to eat at "the oldest continously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi" -- Hays House

where I had a Buffalo Burger.

There was also a car show which I will share pictures from in a later post. I would have liked to walk around some more, but it was very hot out. Next year I plan to go either in the morning or evening.


That corgi :) said...

always enjoy a good fair! they are so much fun to explore! It seems like they are deep frying everything and anything these days!!

other than the weather being so hot, sounds like it was a delightful day!


Kim said...

I'd like to go to Hays House sometime. That sounds neat!