Friday, June 17, 2011

Five on Friday

Have not done this for 2 weeks because I was on vacation. Maybe I should do Fifteen on Friday!!!! LOL

We'll stick with 5. Still on the Blogroll.

1. Marco's Stuff I found this one by just perusing Blogger. I really like his artwork. That is what the blog is about. His art.

2. Moon Walk. the author of this blog, Ashley, found me and left a comment so I checked out her blog and liked it :) It is about her life.

3. Life Chronicles of Nat-uh-lee. I think I found her on a random blogger search as well. She is Mormon and lives in Arizona, but is trying to move to Utah for a year to fulfill her snowboarding passion before enetering law school. Her posts are short but quite poetic.

4. The Nie Nie Dialogues. I learned about Stephanie Nielson from an old blog I used to read. She had just been in a plane crash and was fighting for her life. Her sister took over her blog until she was able to start writing again. Nie Nie is also a Mormon. She writes about her family and her recovery from burns suffered in the crash. She is a beautiful and inspiring soul.

5. Not Just an Army Wife I have no idea how I found this blog. Maybe she found me? Anyway, she writes about her life and struggles with infertility. She also participates in the MilSpouse Friday Fill-Ins which I usually copy from her(the questions, not her answers!! LOL).

5 more coming next week!!

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