Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flying...On A Jet Plane!

(I wrote this yesterday from the airport)

Greetings from DFW!! However, this post will be sent from Florida as the airport's free wifi does not seem to be working so I am typing on Wordpad first :)
After packing last night I took a Xanax, sudafed, antibiotic and shower. I watched the Real Housewives of New York and felt myself get tired. However, I never got sleepy. I think the Sudafed(which is one of base ingrdients in crank, btw) counteracted the Xanax. I was very calm, though. I got about 30 minutes of sleep. Scout cuddled with me most of the night :)
I made couple adjustments to my packing. I decided not to take the library book I had in case it got lost. I put my other carryon book in the suitcase, plus 2 magazines believing I had enough to read with 2 others and my Book of Mormon(PLUS TJ WILL LET ME WATCH A MOVIE ON HIS COMPUTER). I also decided against wearing and bringing my white capris and opted for black palazzo pants instead. Much more comfy. I also put one of our blankets in the suitcase.
We had no problems getting to the airport, checking in or going through security. I read one of my magazines and left it for other people to enjoy :) On the plane I did my regular rituals. I started with reading scriptures, said the Lords prayer several times as we took of, listened to some soothing music as I thought I would sleep, but ended up watching The Greatest American Hero on my iPod. I had a half cup of Gingerale with ice. No gummy worms(ever since I once saw a guy in the terminal eating gummy worms now I always have to have them when I fly). Tummy is acting a bit weird from some residual gas and lack of appetite. TJ slept the whole hour and a half.
Once we landed we headed over to the terminal with Cereality where I got a yogurt/granola/peach/marshmallow parfait.

I also taught the information guy in the terminal where we landed that there was such a place LOL. TJ got McDonalds.
Then we headed to our terminal where we got some Dunkin Donuts and Subway(for lunch on the flight). Now we are sitting at our gate. Our layover in Dallas is nearly 3 hours so we have an hour now until we board. I am extremely tired and fixing to take one more Xanax as I do intend to sleep on this 2 hour+ flight. I will probably need a nap when we get to Florida, as well. After I unpack :)

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That corgi :) said...

hope you did sleep on the next stage of your travels; I don't like to fly, Xanax is my best friend when I do but I rarely ever can sleep on a plane, just being able to be on the plane and not be white knuckled the whole time is a good sign the Xanax is "working"

My brother,who hated to fly at one time used to do this (did I share this with you already?) When he is walking into the airplane to board, he starts praying for the flight attendants, pilot/copilot/navigator. As he is getting sat, he prays for the fellow passengers, himself. As he is putting on his seat belt he prays for the plane itself, the nuts and bolts. Then he reaches into his bag and gets whatever he is going to do to occupy himself on the plane and knows he is truly in God's hands while he flies. I tried that the last time I flew and it did help me be a bit more relaxed with less Xanax.

have a great trip!