Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Hunting

My husband is more thoughtful than I give him credit for. Knowing that we will have to move SOON he went out and got some information on available places. One place he went to was Mathis Leuker Property Management. They are one of the big real estate companies here in town. They gave him a nice printout of places available(including just land with 4 horse stalls, should we be looking to keep horses LOL). After narrowing down the list to places that allowed pets(most of them) and in our budget, I was left with a short list. We then proceeded to go into town and drive by all but one of these places(was not sure where the street was). I was able to eliminate a couple more this way.

He also went to Shoenrock realtors and they wrote down 3 places for him. Two were in the same "complex". More like duplexes, though they face each other rather than the street. They are about 5 minutes from where I work as well :) The 3rd place was in a part of town I do not want to live in.

I also called my friend, Lindsey, whom I used to work with. She works at Coldwell and will be my realtor when I am looking for a house. She says they manage a couple properties(houses) and she would see about finding something within my budget.

So, today we spent the WHOLE day looking. We started off with the aprtment close to my work. It was nice, but a bit smaller than we were hoping for. Next we looked at an upstairs apartment in a converted OLD house. It was too small. And weird. Then we looked at a house. It was interesting. Lots of 70s decor, which normally I like, but the kitchen had black countertops. No dishwasher and for the price they were asking that was the dealbreaker. Next up was a 2 bedroom box. No.

Then we moved on to apartment complexes. We started with Quinton Point. They do not have anything available in time. Plus, for the price, it is a bit smaller than what we can get elsewhere. Elsewhere being The Bluffs. We really like them. But they are pricey. We can also get a garage with them to store our stuff. We would have to store our washer and dryer because the apartment actually comes with one!!

We looked at a "low income" place that we may or may not qualify for. However, the space available is upstairs and the stair way was so narrow we were not sure our furniture would fit!! Inside was a good size. But we are not going to pursue this one. Next was another 2 bedroom, built in the 80s. Ashton Place/Southwest. This one had a good price and I liked the space. The kitchen was big because it is in an eat in. It also has a nice storage pantry. Really nice balcony and the rooms were good sizes. It does not have washer dryer hookups. Finally, we looked at Geary Estates. We can get a discount because I work for the school district. We can also rent storage on-site. We would get a downstairs apartment because those are where the washer dryer hookups are (in the guest bedroom closet). The downside is the monthly pet fee, the location and the weird placement of the washer dryer hookup.

So, we have narrowed it down to 3. Geary Estates, The Bluffs, and Ashton Place/Southwest. Now to decide which one we want to try for :)

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That corgi :) said...

choices, choices, choices. With your favorites, drive by different times of the day to see if you still like them (did I tell you to do that already? I can't remember, oh wait, I remember, it was another lady who is moving this summer). Anyway, drive by different times of the day. My biggest thing I have learned to look for is storage since I've lived at placed with little to no storage and then of course location plays in; don't want to be too far from where you usually drive to because that gets to be a hassle especially when the weather gets bad in winter. Good luck! sounds like a lot of places available though; that's a good sign!