Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's All On Me

Just when I thought I was on top of things -- it turns out I am not.

We have been informed that we must be out of housing BEFORE TJ goes on terminal leave.

I would like to know what terminal leave is for then?

Basically, before he gets out, he gets about 2 months off. I thought that this was the time we were supposed to look for a place to live and pack and move and stuff. Nope. Turns out that I have to do those things and then he gets to kick back for 2 months. At least that is what it feels like to me.

Maybe I should have let the government do this one last move.

Oh well, I have gotten an excellent start on the packing. I have no doubt I can get it ALL done in time. But let me tell you, I do not plan on moving one thing. TJ can do that. Hopefully he gets some help. He should since he has helped on several moves. I hate asking for help, though. Because usually I don't get it. It's true. So then I feel like crap for asking. So I don't.

I guess tomorrow we will be looking at rentals. The one property manager I called did not have anything available that we were looking for. There is another company we have checked with before(the problem is finding a place that allows a cat). There is an apartment complex that will work and I want to see if there is availability in the duplexes where our friends live. So I have a bit of a plan.

I just wish that everything would stop falling into MY lap.

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That corgi :) said...

why didn't you want the military to move you this time? I would have welcomed it, LOL, but I'm sure you had your reason. Hopefully something will open up soon for you guys for rentals; I'm sure once you get a place to rent the rest will fall into place and you'll will a bit less stressed, but as we know, moving is always stressful!