Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last Day

We didn't do much on our last day in Florida. We slept in and lounged around. Tried going up to Jamba Juice in Temple Terrace only to discover it went out of business!! We did see these Syrian protestors,though.

Then we went back to Brandon and went to Ichiban Buffet for lunch. It is a sushi and Japanese/Chinese food buffet. Seriously, where were these places when I lived there??? Did I mention that the mall also has a sushi bar now??
After lunch(under $20 for the both of us!!) we went to the mall. I bought a couple books and some earings and TJ and I both got shoes. I got size 6 1/2 at Payless!! I have never gotten shoes that big there!! I think they may be slightly too big but they are velcro sandals and feel comfy. I never buy sandals either, but now that I have pretty fake toes I like wearing them.
After the mall we went back to the motel. I took a nap and TJ went to visit his Grandpa. When he got back we went to his mom's house and said goodbye to everyone(plus gave them our sunscreen and solarcaine since they were in aeresol cans, a bottle of Febreese{don't ask} and shoe boxes). Then we had a late dinner at Smoky Bones.

TJ had a steak(which is called a NY Strip out there, whereas we call it a KC Strip!) and I had cornbread with sweet butter plus a terriyaki shrimp appetizer. We also got dessert shots(chocolate cake for me, cheesecake for TJ) and a Hot Bag O' Donuts to go.

One of the features of Smoky Bones is their Build a Burger. In order to do this each table has a pad of paper to fill out what you want your burger to have. They had left a pencil on our table so I had a little fun

I left my artwork for the waitress :)

After Smoky Bones we went to Barnes and Noble and I got another book and a journal plus literature on the Nook(I plan on getting one for my birthday). Then we went back to the hotel and packed. It was a pretty easy day.

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That corgi :) said...

how cute with the build a burger concept!

all in all, I think you guys had a great vacation!!