Sunday, June 5, 2011

Motorcycles, Waffles and Swedish Furniture, Oh My!!

We decided that Saturday would be our Harley Hunt Day. I slept in rather late so we wanted a somewhat easy day. It involved a lot of driving, though, LOL.

First we headed down to Bradenton in Manatee County, where we made our first Harley stop.

Then we went on down to Mixon Fruit Farms

I was not as impressed with it as I was last time, but the free orange juice was excellent!!

Next we headed back north and passed the Tropicana headquarters and factory

Then it was time to get on the Skyway Bridge to St. Petersburg in Pinellas County

It costs $1.00

There she is!!

Here we go!!

Looks and feels like you are driving up into the sky!!

Normally bridges don't make me nervous, but this one raises my heart rate!!

At the top

Other side

Tropicana Field where the Devil Rays play

By this time we were hungry and there was a Waffle House on our exit, so we stopped.

I had a breakfast sandwich and a blueberry waffle which was THE BEST WAFFLE EVER.

Then we went to our next Harley shop

Then it was back to Tampa, which involves crossing yet another bridge -- the Howard Franklin (this one is free and less scary)

Then we headed up good old Dale Mabry Hwy. We passed Raymond James Stadium, where the Tampa Bay Bucs play

Third Harley stop of the day

Back down Dale Mabry. Classic Florida furniture store

Yankees spring training fields

Our final destination of the day was IKEA!!!9after an impromptu tour through a not so great, yet interesting part of town!!

It was TJ's first time.

He was a little overwhelmed. He was amused by the arrows on the floor directing you where to go LOL

Now, you all know I planned a lot of my culinary adventures in advance. I also knew I would come across some unexpected places. Ikea turned out to be one of them. I had a shrimp and egg open faced sandwich and a slice of Swedish Almond Cake and a sparkling pear drink.

They really need to put in an Ikea in Kansas City or Wichita. Seriously. I love ALL their furniture!!

After Ikea TJ dropped me off at the hotel where I read and took a nap. he went to his mom's for awhile. After he got back and I woke up we went out searching for some dinner. We drove all over Brandon and into Riverview, where we settled on Moe's Southwest Grill. Another unexpected find!! Seriously, they need one of these in Kansas, too. When you walk in they all yell "Welcome to Moe's" and their tofu tacos are to die for!! I think we may need to go back before we leave.(Hey, I looked it up and they do have one in Shawnee, Kansas!!!!)

We found a lot of new places that have gone up in our old cities, but what was most shocking to me was a Super Target veryclose to where I used to live. I think I could probably see it from the back of my old apartment complex. It is in a place that used to just be grass and trees.

How was everyone else's Saturday??


That corgi :) said...

you did a lot on Saturday! quite an adventure! I think I would have been the same about that bridge; I'd be a bit anxious but still want to be on it. IKEA is kind of cool; need to experience it once I do believe, maybe even twice :)

that shrimp and egg sandwich sounds delicous too!

sounds like you guys are having a great time!


Kim said...

Oh. my. Gosh. That sandwich looks AWESOME! I had to laugh that it was TJ's first time at Ikea.