Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As I embark on another moving adventure, I thought I would share the process in a serious of posts. First up -- prepacking!!

The first thing I needed was boxes. I put out a request on facebook, which yielded a heads up from a friend as to some boxes on her street. They were nice AND had packing paper in them. I also have been collecting newspapers and packing materials from packages to use. I also procured a few picture boxes from a friend.

I bought a bunch of boxes from UHaul. What I like about theirs is that they have different sizes and the sizes tell you what they are best for. I got Book boxes, Small, Medium, and 1 Extra large to start. They also have bozes on the side to list the contents for your first use and 3 more reuses!! The downside is that these are expensive. However, they will buy back any you do not use.

I was then told that Home Depot had cheaper boxes AND they give a military discount. I bought small boxes(equivalent to UHaul's book boxes) from them so far. They have one place to document the contents and a checklist of where it should go. They only carry 3 sizes -- small, medium, large. Much cheaper, though. Will not buy back.

At this stage I am prepacking. Packing up things I do not readily need. This was a wonderful suggestion from Betty, as well. However, I did completely pack my diningroom as i wanted to use it as a staging and holding area

In addition, I also finished pre-packing the livingroom last week and half of my craftroom

This week I am working on the rest of the craftroom and the kitchen.

Tools of the trade in addition to boxes include packing tape and roller, regular sharpies, thin sharpie, Magna sharpie, and scissors(the Uhaul boxes' flaps are connected on 2 sides). I keep all this in a small tote.

A word about UHaul. I stored some stuff in California at Uhaul. I LOVED their facility. My mom and I used them previously for a move and they upgraded our truck. They upgraded me and TJ when we hauled some of mom's stuff and her car back here. They had a huge store with all kinds of boxes and packing materials and tools and color coordinated labelled tape!! Plus there storage was INSIDE and temp controlled.

Here in JC, not so much. First, I tried calling the one attached to Del Motors (where we turned in our UHaul truck and no one is EVER in the office) and no one answered. So I called the one on Grant and they had boxes. The guy was really nice, gave me a discount, put the boxes in the car, etc. I did have to honk for him, though, as per the sign on the door, as he was on the lot(outdoor storage units). When I went back to get more Book boxes the sign on the door said be back at 2:15, but ti was already 2:30. I tried honking, but nothing. Desperate, I went over to the Del one and the sign on their door said out to lunch (that late?!) However, another sign said to check in the del showroom. So i did. After waiting for the ONE person who does Uhaul I got boxes, but did not realize she was giving me Small instead of book. However, they had built in handles and I did have use of them so it was ok(I got the book size at Home Depot the next day). And this other guy took them to my car. I am a bit worried as to what is going to happen when we need to rent a truck. Also, at this point, I think I am sticking with Home Depot for the boxes(unless I need the handle ones. Or wardrobe).

Any packing horror or winning stories? Do you prepack?

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That corgi :) said...

I like your organization! It is hard to find boxes, isn't it? Good that U-Haul will buy them back, provided you can get a hold of them, LOL. I wonder if other moving companies like United, etc have used boxes you can buy? Maybe they just recycle them. I know when we moved one time with United they did offer to come and pick up the boxes when we unpacked (but I recycled them instead). I have offered boxes on CraigsList in the past after we were through moving.

LOL I don't usually prepack. In fact two moves ago, we didn't even pack much. We moved three blocks over and had several days to move so we just got boxes and other containers and packed up what could go in the back of the van, moved them over, unpacked and then repeated the process. This past move we did pack up but waited until two days before the move. We didn't have much to pack since son took most of our stuff but we got stuck with packing up the garage; had tons of stuff in there. next time we'll be wise and get that packed up sooner!

You are doing great!!

Of course the best thing I liked was when we had movers do our packing. that was very very very very nice!