Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scout's Garden Is Coming Along

Hello hello hello!! I am back to gardening with Mommy this week. And I met the new plant, but more on that later.

Tuesday is our lawn mowing day so of course I had to inspect their work later. Mommy decided since the weather is so nice she would put a chair and table on the lawn to read in the evenings and relax(she has been really stressed and needs it. I helps too)

She brought out her fake coffee and lit a candle to keep the bugs away

Of course I had to check everything out

Back to the garden! The star attraction this week are our squash plants. They are flowering and budding

And this stuff continues to invade the pansies. We hope it blooms soon

Now on to some serious are probably wondering why I am hanging out with the garbage and recycling bins

Well, it is because I am trying to avoid the cat soaking snake

He likes to get kitties wet!!

Sometimes he is tricky and does this

Then I have to find another place to hide!!

This is the only picture mommy managed to get of me and the new plant

(because then I knocked it off the table on accident)

The plant is okay, not for eating, though. The sponge is pretty interesting, too. We have another one in the house but it is round and for cleaning. How weird is that???

After a hard day of gardening a guy likes to relax on the couch with his daddy

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That corgi :) said...

LOL with the snake that makes cats wet. You do very well avoiding it!! I like the spot your mom made to enjoy the outside and I'm sure the candle smells so very nice!