Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Sunday

Sunday was a very simple day for us.

First we got up early to get TJ's sister and attend our first Sacrament Meeting of the morning.

Now let me tell you, back hone in Junction City people get to church EARLY. We get there 1/2 hour before Sacrament Meeting and 25 - 50 % of the ward is there. and it is a BIG ward.

Here in Florida, not so much. The wards we attended were smaller and most people did not show up until 15-5 minutes before the service!! LOL

Anyway, at the first meeting I saw more people I knew, including one very special person, my old friend, John. John was my next door neighbor when I lived in Riverview. John was the person who introduced to me to the church in Florida. I had always been curious about the LDS religion and when i found out he was a member I told him I would like to go sometime. He ended up taking me to a potluck, first, of single adults, who became dear friends of mine. They gave me a Book of Mormon(because I was asking questions) and arranged for the missionaries to meet with me. Later I was baptized. John was at my baptism and my wedding. He helped me out a few times -- once when I had nasties in my sink, another time when there was a frog in my bathroom and even drove me to the hospital once and stayed with me in the waiting room in the ER(I was dehydrated from flu).

After I moved I lost touch with John, but yesterdat we reconnected :) Hopefully we will stay in touch this time!!

After 2 Sacrament Meetings we dropped our sister off and then came back to the hotel. But first we stopped at Checkers for lunch!! If you have a Rally's where you live it is the same thing :) I had a 69cent hot dog, a burger, fries and a cherry coke. I never drink cherry coke, but the past 2 days it tasted sooooo good LOL.

At the hotel I wrote my previous blog posts and then took nap. then we went back to TJ's mom's for dinner. then it was back here for a bit of swimming and a nice hot bath for me :)

Today we will be driving up to Dade City in pasco County for lunch and some light shopping and sightseeing, then over to Clermont to another Harley shop and then on down to Haines City for Goat Milk fudge. Then we are going to dinner with my aunt and uncle :)

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That corgi :) said...

goat milk fudge sounds interesting! Glad you could re-connect with a special friend!!