Monday, June 6, 2011

Six Counties in One Day

Today we spent the day exploring the western central interior of Florida :)

We picked up TJ's sister for the adventure and headed up Fletcher/Morris Bridge Road north

We started out in Hillsborough County(1) on a pretty road

Bird on a stick

Then we went into Pasco County(2) and Zephyrhills

Look what I did for my sweetie!!

Dade City


State Road 50 going east in Hernando County(3)

Lots of forest!!

I believe this is now Sumter County(4)

We called this Grover's House in Groveland LOL

More Groveland

So pretty!!

Now we are in Clermont in Lake County(5)

Hwy 27 south

Decisions Decisions

He must be pretty important to have a whole road to himself

4th Harley shop of our trip

Lunch break at Buffalo Wild Wings

I liked the name of this hospital

Webb's Candy Factory -- home of the Goat Milk Fudge!! In Polk County(6)

And if it wasn't awesome enough -- they added on a Dunkin Donuts!!

Florida's Natural Headquarters and factory(do you think there is orange juice in the tower instead of water???)

We ended the day with dinner with my aunt and uncle here in Brandon(Hillsborough County!!)

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That corgi :) said...

you guys are covering lots of road and distance! pretty area!! I'm sure you guys continue to enjoy your adventures!