Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special Delivery

No, not him!!! LOL

I got not one, not 2, but THREE packages today!!(it was supposed to be 4, but my Snapfish pictures always take longer)

What were they? A Cricut I ordered on HSN(it was the deal of the day and you got the personal cutter, plus 3 extra (it comes with one) cartridges!! My friend, Amanda, who is the Cricut Queen assured me that this was a great deal) and the cartridges, a Shaklee order(2 germ wipe cans--one for each bathroom-- a vitamin chest and vitamins to help me sleep) and Sparkle's book on a deep discount on Amazon.

I was even able to use the 2 boxes the Cricut came packed in(that didn't even include its packaging!! ) to pack up some stuff like games(not pictured, but I was looking for something to fit my old monopoly box!) and children's books

Not bad. I am expecting the pictures tomorrow and then I also ordered a little print for my craftroom and a homemade anniversary card for me and TJ. I will show and credit those when I get them :)

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That corgi :) said...

all great gifts that came in the packages! I had to google Cricut since I never heard of it; sounds like a good tool to have! always wonderful to get things like this in the mail or through UPS! (it does beat bills :)