Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Since I took 97 pictures of this, please look at my Facebook Album for all of them. I made it so that everyone can view them. I will share some of them in this post :)

We decided to take the Crosstown Expressway this time

Funny thing -- there are no toll booths. A friend informed me that they either record your Sunpass tag(which the rental has) OR photograph your license plate and send you a bill. Or you can go online and pay it. Crazy!!

We had to take a quick excursion through Downtown Tampa to pick up the Interstate

Courtney Campbell Causeway into Pinellas County

Alt 19 up the coast

Here we are!!

Deconese Blvd. This is a Greek community. Deconese is a village in Greece that was known for its sponge fishing.

Early Lunch

This place used to be billed as "The Greek McDonalds"(it was on the sign), but I don't think McDonald's liked that!!

Giant Gyro

Rice Pudding I actually liked!!! (apparently I only like it when Greeks make it -- I think because it was so thick)

We decided to visit the aquarium and see a shark feeding show

They know when the food is coming!!

The diver who feeds them

There was a cute little puffer fish that kept following him around. Kind of what Scout does with me!! LOL

My favorite -- the Para Fish!!

Aside from looking like it is puckering up for a kiss, this little beauty likes to "eat" coral. He will crunch it up in his sharp teeth to get to the animals inside. The crunched coral passes through him and comes out as sand. So guess what sand is?? Para poop!!

I have been brave enough before to pet a stingray

But this was the first time I ever fed one!!

And I fed a shark!!

In Honor of Sponge Divers

Cute tourists in front of an example of a sponge fishing boat

We went on an authentic sponge fishing boat and this guy gave us the history of sponge fishing and how it came to Tarpon Springs and also examples of the different sponges. He was a wealth of knowledge!!

Frank was our sponge diver. He comes from a long line of sponge fisherman :)

Ready to go

In the water

Bye Frank!

He got a sponge!!

Cool, huh?

We visited many stores, but my top 3 were Simone's(we had gone in early and told her we would be back and she was quite pleased that we did come back!) where I got a water bottle, bracelet and magnets, Spongeorama

The lady here was so helpful and I bought all my sponges here. I bought one for cleaning, one as a vase, a chamoise and a loofah, plus plants. And directions for all!!

This was the first place we went and the last. I bought my much coveted shell hanging thing here as well as soap and lotion and a dried seahourse and TJ got a couple of shell jewelry boxes as presents

The guy also gave me a free gift -- a small loofah :)

I really love this place a lot. The people are so incredibly friendly and it is just so peaceful and beautiful. Lots to see and learn. I think I will be making this a regular stop each time we visit Florida.


That corgi :) said...

it looks like a nice place to visit; I think I would have enjoyed going looking for sponges too! wow, that was a big gyros sandwich! I'm sure that and the rice pudding was soooo good!! that is interesting no toll booths, so do you expect a bill when you get home?


Robyn :) said...

No, LOL. Since we are in a rental car it was Sunpass equipped and the toll just gets added to that bill, which will be on our credit card :)