Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two on Tuesday

I forgot to do Five on Friday(again) so I will make up for it this week by doing 2 today and 3 on Thursday.

Today's 2 are not on my blogroll. They are not Blogger blogs. They are both from people I personally know.

1. Randomness From a Nascar Loving Mom. I know Megan from college. We were pledge sisters in our sorority :) She is a really fun person. She writes about her life in Oklahoma as a wife, mom of twin boys and now a Spanish teacher.

2. Raised In Black This is the second of 2 Tumblr accounts I follow(do you remember who the other one is?). I went to junior high and high school with Angela. She is an amazing artist, which she showcases on her Tumblr. As the title suggests, she works in Black and White. Free hand. Check it out.

I will have 3 more blogs on Thursday. Maybe from the blogroll, maybe not

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