Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flippin' Appendix

In case you were wondering where I have been....I had my appendix out on Monday!! Had my first ever hospital stay and first ever semi-major(it was laproscopic)surgery! This is the recap I put up on Facebook...

I thought I would share my story in case anyone was wondering what happened exactly.

Ok, so for the last week and a half I had had really bad gas and bloating and pain on my LEFT side. Last Monday it got so bad that I first had to pull the car over and then once I made it home I was doubled over on the toilet. i called TJ home from CQ and we called the paramedics. From symptoms and history we all thought it was probably a UTI, but I had never had pain in my lower belly that intense before. Again, this was all originating from the LEFT side. I went to the ER and they took a urine sample and said it wasn't kidney stone or UTI. The doctor prescribed tylenol and motrin and sent me home. And made an appointment with the primary care for the next day. I slept for a few hours, woke up still in pain and had blood in my stool. Not a lot, but noticeable so I went back to the ER. This time they took blood. Still coldn't determine anything. They said they could order a CT scan or I could go to my appointment and see what that doctor wanted to do. I elected to go to my appointment. This time they also gave me percoset.

The PA I saw at the primary thought it might be hydration from the heat. He suggested drinking lots of water and taking pain medication as needed. And to come back if it didn't get better. It would come and go, but on Monday this week I decided to go back as it never really went away. I made a same day appointment for 8:20. this tome I saw my assigned primary. He thought it sounded like divurticulosis(an inflammation of pockets in the colon), but wanted to rule out a kidney stone first. Turns out that the original urine sample did show calcium deposits, which can lead to stones. He sent me down to radiology at the hospital for a CT scan, so off I went.

I waited about an hour there as I was not originally scheduled and they had an emergency. I offered to come back, but they said I was in the system. The guy that did the CT scan said if there was no stone and they wanted to test for divurticulosis I would have to drink something nasty and then come back again. I figured that was what was going to happen. They asked me to sit in the waiting room while they looked it over.

Well, instead of coming to talk to me the receptionist called me up and said they wanted me to go to general surgery to talk to someone. Well, this was my first clue that something wasn't right, but I thought maybe there was a doctor there to better exlain the divurticulosis procedure, but I was a little apprehensive and the receptionist could tell. Looking back I also realize she had gone from being more businesslike to a bit more compassionate LOL;

I went to general surgery down the hall and they had no idea why I was there. A nurse took my ID and investigated and came back and said my primary made a mistake and meant to send me to the ER. I did not know if that was worse! I was still thinking though that they wanted to explain a nasty drinking looking at my colon procedure. I went to ER to check in and they said at the desk that they did know I was supposed to be there and that the primary had called. I asked if he was coming down and they said I would see the ER doc. They gave me my wrist band and asked me to have a seat. At this point I texted TJ to come down and also my friend, Amanda, since she was close.

The next clue that something was up was that they called me back before other people had been waiting. When I got to the room I asked the nurse what was going on. She said that they had told her a patient was coming from radiology with an appendix about to burst and her name was Robyn.

Well, at this point I lost it. I had errands to run and packing to do and the pain was on the WRONG side. Appendixes are on the RIGHT! All my pain had been on the LEFT. I was crying and all and she said to let her check, maybe she was mistaken, but no. It was me all right. The cat scan showed my appendix was inflamed. It also showed that it was flipped up behind my intestines instead of laying on my abdomen like a normal person's. They think this is why I did not have normal symptoms. And no pain on that side.

The surgeon explained that they could monitor me for a few days since I had no symptoms, but that the CT scan made the best case for doing the surgery as of let go it could infect other organs. I agreed to the surgery and had it taken out a couple hours later. They were able to do a laproscopic sugery with only 3 incisions, but it did take a little longer since it was trying to hide LOL. I did have some breathing issues after. I couldn't really tell, but I had oxygen the rest of the evening and over night. they think that was because of the anesthesia. They kept me hopped up on percocet so the pain was at a minimum.

There is till a chance that I still have the divurticulosis, but they looked around while insode of me and didn't see anything. So let's hope this is what it was!

I never do anything normally.



That corgi :) said...

glad they caught in sooner than later before it burst! that would have caused MAJOR trouble as you know! I hope you feel better soon and remember to do all what the doctors say, including NO HEAVY LIFTING until they say you can!


Daleen said...

Shame man, that sound horrible! Hope you feel better soon :) I had a laparoscopy last year, not the most comfortable thing, took me almost a month to feel better, hope your recovery goes a lot quicker!