Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fireworks

We decided to skip the Sundown Salute bands and fireworks and go out to Cico Park in Manhattan. I am not too crazy about JC's fireworks and we were not particularly enthusiastic about the headlining band (Foghat), so we decided to do something new. We heard that Wamego had a realy great show, but they were too far away, so we settled on Manhattan.

As soon as we got there I was impressed. the parking was really good, there was plenty of room to sit, the people were nice and they had some fun stuff for the kids. Plus some food vendors. Nothing as nearly impressive as JC, but I liked it a whole lot better for viewing fireworks(saying this on Facebook brought some unhappy comments). We could also see a bunch of personal fireworks from the surrounding neighborhoods.

Here they are setting up the fireworks

The food vendors

We took some silly photos

Here are the shots of the fireworks I got

The fireworks themselves were awesome, but the execution needed work. There were a lot of gaps between setting some of them off. But it was free. And family-friendly. If we don't care about the headlining band at SS next year we may go ahead and try Wamego, but we wouldn't be opposed to going back to Manhattan either :)

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That corgi :) said...

you did great with the firework shots!! Glad you had some choices on where to go to watch fireworks; sounds like you both had a great evening!