Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Parade

Junction City's 4th of July Parade was this morning. It has been several years since I have attended a parade, basically because I usually ride in them LOL. However, since TJ was marching this year we could not ride the motorcycle so I had to watch it. I must say I prefer riding in it. I get to see a lot of people I know and it is just so much more fun.

I went down early to get a good seat. First I went to McDonald's for breakfast. Then I staked out a great place under a tree. A nice lady joined me. Soon her friend came. More nice people came along. Then rude people who stood in the street so staking out that place early was for nothing. I will stick to riding in the parade, thank you.

I did get lots of pictures, though(by standing up, too). We will start with law enforcement and emergency services

Next came the military

See the dude 2nd from the left(our left, their right) carrying the cased battalion colors?

That's my husband!!

More soldiers

Combat vehicles

General's Mounted Color Guard

JCHS Color Guard and Band



Riderless bike

Eckrich Meats (they were handing out free hot dogs!!)

It's not a parade without the Shriners riding mini motor bikes and cars

Horseless carriage

Our HOG group(whom we usually ride in the parade with!!

I have ridden on the back of this CanAm and totally want one

There was a giant gap in the parade and most people thought it was over and left!! I knew it wasn't over, but decided to leave anyway. I went and got a deep fried poptart(excellent -- better than a regular one)

and a final lemonade

Anyone else go to a parade today? Do you like parades? Ever ride in one?


That corgi :) said...

that looked like a cool parade! Glad TJ got to walk in it! Do people participating in the parade throw candy out to the crowds? They do that at parades in Montana, I hadn't seen that before there.

Yum on the deep fried pop tart!!

Sounds like a nice Fourth you had!!

Love to go to parades, haven't been in a bit to one. Didn't ride in a parade, but walked in one years ago with the kids when they were in Awanas (group at church that they would learn scriptures and then get rewarded for it :)


Robyn :) said...

They do throw candy, but not as much as they used to because a lot of the kids run to far out in the street to get it! They were also giving out frisbees, boxes of candy and those hot dogs!!

We have Awanas out here, too, at the Baptist churches :)