Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not A Typical Tuesday

Normally my Tuesdays are crappy. I don't know why, they just are. But today wasn't.

I was able to get my escrow and probate stuff done early today (there were just a few things that need my attention today--tomorrow is when I take care of the majority!) and then I used the fitness room for a modified workout(when Aunt Flo is in town I cut my workout in half). After I came home I ate and made a couple phone calls. Then I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen counters. I also finished prepacking the spareroom. And I finished a book to take back to the library. I also did 20 min of yoga and took a shower LOL. I even managed to lie down for about 15 minutes :O)

TJ had a job interview with a local car dealership to work as an entry level mechanic and got hired to start in their Quick Lube department!! To celebrate we went to Cox Bros BBQ in Manhattan. Now normally I am not a fan of barbecue(I have to be in the mood), but they were good! I had a 1/4 slap of ribs and chose KC Sweet jazz barbecue sauce which was da bomb! I will defininitely go back there! They are putting one in JC as well. Then we went to Menards to price some tools TJ needs for his new job, then Walgreens, then to the library. I got an email this morning that I had a book on hold, but when I got there I had TWO!!! Bonus!

Next we went to Sears and their stuff was more expensive (you pay for the Craftsman name), but I got a tool tote(Craftsman) for $15.00. Guess what I am using it for???? Scrapbooking stuff!!! It is cheaper and sturdier than buying something specifically made for scrapbooking AND they had one in pink :)

We rounded out our pricing search with Home Depot and decided Menards had the best prices and deals for what TJ needs. We did not go back today, though, because ot was back on the other side of town. Instead we went to Baskin Robbins for $1 scoop Tuesday.

After we came home I organized some more scrapbooking stuff. Now I am having computer time, then plan on doing some reading before bed.

Tomorrow morning I will be printing, signing, and mailing escrow paperwork as well as visiting the bank. I also plan to clean in the bathrooms and pack a couple things, plus start to take things off the wall in the livingroom and pack them. I am also going to lunch with my friend, Amanda, to Cracker Barrel. And I want to get in a mini workout and yoga.

How is your week going?


That corgi :) said...

congrats for TJ getting that job!! Good for you accomplishing so much too!! I bet you will find so much better getting settled into your new place and also having the estate/probate stuff behind you!


Kim said...

I'm surprised they're not having you Fed Ex everything back to escrow.

Robyn :) said...

Overnighting it with the post office gets it there just as fast.