Thursday, July 7, 2011

Post Storm Garden With Scout

Hello friends. We had a whopper of a storm last night. It was bright and loud and kept me awake. Mommy suggested that if I went into a closet it wouldn't be as bright and the sound would be muffled, but I am a brave kitty!! I do not need to hide from a thunderstorm.

This morning I surveyed the aftermath and found eveything still in order. Grass after a storm tastes so much sweeter

The chairs were wet

It's humid out so mommy's lens fogged up!!

The water trough is replenished

Our rose bush had more blooms

So did our squash, but no actual squash yet

Nor are there any tomatoes, yet.

Which is just as well as we will be moving at the end of the month to a 'partment and we will only have a small patio. Mommy does not think we can have plants because she did not see anyone else with plants outside.
If we can we will only be taking the tomato plant.

But we will for sure take our tropical plants and sponge vase!!

Our pansies are starting to wilt under the humidity pressure

But this still makes a good place to make yourself inconspicous to the scary mailman!! I moved before Mommy could take a picture of me crouching there! I had to get inside in case he came back!

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1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

oh no! moving!! I forgot that with your plants! I hope the next people take good care of them!! I'm surprised no tomatoes yet!! sounds like a big storm you had!!

BTW, love the new header picture on your blog! Took me a minute but I realized it was fireworks? (right??)