Friday, July 8, 2011

Reserve Wife

As of today I am officially an Army Reserves Wife. TJ enlisted with the Reserves as a wheel mechanic. He will go to training one weekend a month in Wichita and 2 weeks a year somewhere. He is filling an E-5 slot (he is now E-4) so he will go to school for a month and a half(not sure where) to become an E-5, which is a sergeant. We will be able to retain our army priviledges such as shopping at and using the facilities on post, getting military discounts and using Tricare health services(though we will now have to pay, unless he is deployed).

I am very happy about this. I am so wanting to email his former commander who tried to bar him from re-enlistment to let him know about this as well as the other things he has been doing such as cased colors bearer and driving for the general of the army. What an idiot.

Until the end of September I will still be an active duty army wife, but then I will be an Army Reserves wife!!


Kim said...

Oh good! I was wondering about your insurance.

That corgi :) said...

that is good news Robyn! Keeping those benefits are great!

write the email to the former commander to get it off your chest, but don't send it; I've done that before, works wonders!