Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sundown Salute 2011 Day 2 -- Brunch and Car Show

For today we decided to go to the Sundown Salute for brunch and the car show.

Oh yeah!

I went with Deep Fried Peaches(and a vanilla coke!), while TJ went for the more traditional nachos

He also wanted to share a snowcone

His creation of strawberry, watermelon and rootbeer

He is serious about his snowcone!!

You want to see some cars?? And bikes?

For lunch we went over to Manhattan for sliders.

Then we got boxes at Home Depot

We saw the movie, Larry Crowne, too and it was excellent. I would pay to see it again :)

Tonight we plan on heading back to the SS for some music and dinner. I am thinking fried pickle spears and a fried Milky Way :) And a lemonade from the giant lemon.

****Oh, we made a decision on where we want to try to live and it is Geary Estates in Grandview plaza :)

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That corgi :) said...

glad you guys made the decision of where you want to move to! hoping all goes smoothly that you can get in there!

deep friend peaches! I'm sure they were good! And what a snowcone TJ made; looked delicious and refreshing especially if the day was hot!!

all great looking cars too!