Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Topeka and 2 ER Visits

Good morning everyone. I had quite an exciting day yesterday and quite a harrowing night.

First, I went to Topeka with my friend for her ultrasound and she found out she is having a boy and a girl! Now I can start buying stuff to spoil them :) :) While in Topeka I got a pair of capris, another water bottle for work (Mickey Mouse!!), and some scrapbook stuff. And of course, cupcakes!!

So, I got home and had a headache so I took some Exedrin and took a nap. I woke up and ate dinner and my stomach and back started hurting. It felt like cramps. Having also been bloated the past 2 days it felt like I was already getting another period! I thought maybe they were related to pregnancy so I got it in my head I should go get some tests at Walmart. on the way back the pain got so bad I had to pull over and threw up a bit on the side of the road. I made it home and immediately went to the bathroom. and vomited. I was in so much pain that I texted TJ, who was on CQ duty, to come home because something was wrong. I feared I could not survive another car ride to the hospital so we called 911.

I have never had to do that for myself before.

I did end up going in my own car, though (some of the pain started abating). At the ER they gave me a room with a bathroom, which I did not want to leave as sitting bent over on the toilet seemed to be the only good choice. I seriously thought I had kidney stones or a UTI. The pain was in my lower back and abdomen and at times would radiate up through my rib cage. I have never had pain like that before. And my urine was orange. The nurse gave me 3 tylenols which seemed to make me tired(I thought they had codeine in them! But they did not make the pain go away)

It came back okay, though. The doctor said she thought maybe it was a muscle problem. I seriously do not think she believed me or realized how much pain I was in. She prescribed Motrin and Tylenol. And they made me an appointment with my Primary doctor for 9.

When I got home I took the motrin. It did lessen the pain and made me sleepy. I was starving so I ate. Then I went to bed. At 5 I took 2 tylenol and my stomach was hurting BAD again. Then I went to the bathroom and saw that I had blood in my stool. So we went back to the ER. This time they drew blood. That came back okay. They offered to do a cat scan, but I decided I would wait to see what the Primary thought. This time they gave me a shot of Motrin and a Percoset.

I wish they had done that the first time. It made me tired right away, but took longer than usual to take care of the pain, but it did. I was able to go home and rest a bit before my appointment.

The Primary said he thinks I was(and am) dehydrated, because of the excessive heat. Even though I haven't been outside all tht much. He said the airconditioning can also contribute to this (weird, huh?) He said it would account for the dark urine and also the blood in my stool. He advised drinking a lot of water and using the percoset if needed. He advised against the Motrin until I get more hydrated.

Hopefully this is all it is. That pain was intense and not knowing what was causing it was scary!

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