Monday, August 22, 2011

ManCat Monday With a Happy Scout

OMG you guys, I have sooooooo much to tell you!!! First of all, I want to announce that I am an official BUG and FROG Hunter. We have fantastic bugs here that are so much fun to play with. Not like those ugly bugs at the house that walked around with their butts stuck together. These ones jump and fly and are just so much fun to chase! And at night there are frogs!! Can you believe it? There is one who is no fun. If you try to get him to play and hop he just freezes up. But there re others that will hop around and let you chase them. I am very careful not to kill them or hurt them (because then they are no fun!)

Last night a pesky black cat came by. It kept bugging me. I tried hissing and growling at it, but it just kept coming back and watching and following me. Mommy said I was being mean. She can't tell if it is a boy or a girl, but I know. I am not telling, though. The truth is, I miss my BFF Squiggy Jack and am not ready for a new BFF.

The most wonderful news of all, though, is that my Miss K started coming over afterschool again today!! Yay!! I love my Miss K. She brushed me and I am so handsome now. Also, someone at my mommy's work made me some kitty treats!! Wasn't that nice??

Here are some random pictures of me

Have a great week!! See you on Thursday :)

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