Monday, August 8, 2011

ManCat Monday World Cat Day

Hi everyone! Did you miss me. I moved! It was scary. People came in the house and started taking our stuff out and then mommy plucked me up and put me in the car and drove me away! She did have some comfy pillows for me to sit on so I didn't cry as much. From now on when she puts me in the car she better have those pillows in there! Anyway, I am getting used to our new home. I have found some good hiding places and there are frogs outside to chase! But it is also very noisy outside because we can hear cars on the big road.

We have learned from some of our favorite cat blogs that today is World Cat Day! It is a day to celebrate cats! Yay!

Here are some more pictures Mommy has taken of me with her phone

I will try to have a gardening post on Thursday, though I have nothing to garden yet!

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~JarieLyn~ said...

Your cat is very pretty. I hope you enjoy your new place.