Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, I am getting a message that I have exceeded my upload limit of pictures on blogger. I did not know that was possible. It says I must BUY more space if I want to upload more pictures. That does not seem right. Is there a way I can delete some of the photos I have uploaded in the past?


Tracie said...

Perhaps if you edit your post and delete the pictures manually that may allow you to add more.

Tracie said...

um, I meant to say, edit your older post.. Sorry.

hahahaha total side note, the captcha for this post is ferker, sounds like a word I would use!

ABBY said...

Do you use picasa to upload your photos?
If you resize your pics they will not be counted against the total storage google allows for free. Extra storage starts at $5 a year.

Robyn :) said...

I use picasa as that is what is included. I may just go ahead and do the $5 a year as that is not too much. Also gonna try to start putting some of my older posts into a blurb book and then delete them