Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Apartment -- Bathroom

Remember that the apartment is ADA Accessible as I introduce you to...

The Gigantic Bathroom!!



The sink

Scout's bathroom and storage under the sink!(a curtain will be made to hide this)

Toilet corner

My awesome shower curtain (my shower has rails btw)

The linen closet!


I use this for bathroom stuff and cleaning supplies. To save room I opted to put bedsheets in the bedrooms instead of here.

Cool mat

Since there is so much open space in the bathroom(for a wheelchair) I looking for an inexpensive area rug to make it look more cozy. The one we have is too big(covers the whole floor -- too much!). I found a really cool round one at Walmart, but it does not come in blue or brown(my 2 preferred choices). It does come in lime green, which is acceptable, but for the price I would rather wait to find a color I like better OR see if it goes on sale.

Tomorrow I will be working on the bedroom and spare room and hope to get those pictures for you :)

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