Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Apartment -- Bedroom

The latest installment of the apartment tour!!

Bedroom Before

And after...

Come on in!

View from the closet

Nightstand (reading and writing corner)

Build a Bear shelf and Scout's kitty bed/house

Cedar chest with some fun stuff on top :)

My awesome dresser!(can you tell what I was watching on TV???)

The bed (I want to buy a white down comforter for Christmas)

More often it looks like this(or worse, actually)

Closet before

Closet and TJ's dresser

My side

TJ's side

Obviously my stuff takes up more room LOL

I will be working on the spareroom the next couple days :)

1 comment:

Daleen said...

Lol, my bed always look like your second pic, far to lazy to make the bed each morning :)

Strangely enough, I think my husband has more clothes than I do :o, don't asked how that is possible.

As for your other posts, the place looks great! You really have a bunch of space, lucky you. I could do with a couple more metres area.