Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Apartment -- Kitchen

One thing I may have not mentioned about our new apartment is that it is ADA accessible. There are 2 in every building and it was the only thing available for our move in timeframe. This has turned out to be a major plus for us as you will see :)

Here is the kitchen before

And after!!

It is a galley style, which traditionally I have not been fond of, but with the open pass through I find I absolutely love this set up!


Cooking counter

Refrigerator corner

Wide shelf -- I use this one for storage

Spice racks

Microwave/prep counter

Sink and blender counter

Under sink. There are no doors so a wheelchair can fit. I will be making a curtain for this :)

I love my potholders :)

Narrower shelf for decorative items

And now for the cabinets...
Over the stove -- crockpots and small blender

Mostly food containers

Plates, bowls and a few serving pieces

Tupperware cabinet

Glasses and kids dishes

And the best part of an ADA accessible house....

Pull out cabinets!!

Later I will show you my gigantic bathroom!

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