Friday, August 19, 2011

New Apartment -- Patio/Scout's New "Garden"

Hello all!! Mommy finally bought some new plants so I can have a "garden again. Here is an overall view of our patio

Mommy loves to sit out here

Mommy was told that for this time of year mums would be a good choice to grow. She could not find any at True Value and then she tried Walmart and what she saw did not look like mums to her. So she went to Home Depot and found some. She was not cray about the colors, but she got these because they were fall colors and semi-decent

Then she went back to Walmart for something else and discovered that they did have mums and the color she wanted so she brought home this one!

We also wanted to show you the beautiful shell hanging mommy bought in Florida

And this is Grandmommy's angel. Her niece's husband MADE it!! We like to think that the sunflowers reminded her of her daughter(my mommy) living in Kansas. Mommy brought it back with her after she cleaned out the house and thought it was perfect because of the sunflowers and it is an angel. It reminds her of grandmommy. She added the little windchime to the bottom.

I am going to send my mommy to get some pretty pots to put the mums in and see how much they grow!! I also hear that there are bulbs we can plant now for flowers to bloom in Spring!

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

Your new flowers are just perfect. Your porch looks like a great place to hang out:)