Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Cooking and A Birthday

Well, I made a couple more things from my computer archived recipes, but I did not take pictures LOL. The links, though, are

Healthy (Non Alcoholic) Hurricane from ingredients, inc and Guilt Free Artichoke and Spinach Dip from Bethenny Frankel.

The Hurricane I followed exactly, but for the dip substitutions were canned artichokes, regular mayonaise, and a Monterey Jack/Colby cheese mix.

The reason I did not take any pictures was because I was busy preparing all the food (I also made hot dogs in my George Foreman grill -- I have had it 5 years and this was the first time I used it!! -- and tator tots, beannie weinies and a salad) for our first dinner guests in the new apartment!! Can you guess who they were?


If you guessed Miss K's family you are right!! And beacause Miss K just turned 10 we had to have a cake and present for her :)

Everyone liked the cake

And Miss K loved her present!!(It was a beaded bracelet making kit).

I will be making more archived recipes this week and expect to take pitures this time LOL

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