Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Cooking -- Pasta With Zucchini and Mushroom Sauce

This is the first meal I have cooked in the new apartment and it is of my own creation :)
The ingredients

I made ruffled zucchini chips with my Royal Prestige slicer

Sauteing zucchini and fresh mushrooms in olive oil. Then I added garlic, oregano and sweet basil

1 can of tomato sauce, large peeled tomatoes, oregano and sweet basil

Scout couldn't wait to have his dinner

I made the pasta in my new pasta boat, which I got for free when I bought my new diningroom table at Nebraska Furniture Mart

All aboard the pasta boat! Toot toot!

After bringing the sauce to a boil I let it simmer while the pasta cooked. I also added the zucchini and mushroom to it.

The pasta boat made perfect pasta


Which we ate on our new dining table :)

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