Friday, August 5, 2011

Update Update Update!

Sorry it's been over a week. We have been busy moving into our new apartment and unpacking. I am almost done and will have pictures once I locate my camera LOL.

We really love the new apartment. Everything is on one floor!! LOL That is a luxury after living on a tri-level house, believe me.

Haven't had too many issues with noise. I can hear when the people next to us flush their toilet when I am in my bathroom, LOL. I was also really surprised to not hear people walking above us ...until I realized that apartment does not have anyone living in it HA!

At night there are frogs outside. I don't hear them, but you can see them everywhere. Scout has gone after one already.

Scout is having a few adjustment issues. Overall, he is okay. He likes hiding/sleeping in the corner of our walk-in closet under my long dresses and making tunnels and hidey holes under the bedcovers. He also likes that the window sills are low and wide so he can sit in them.

The things he has trouble with involve going outside the apartment. For some reason he he is afraid to go out in the hallway. Even if we just open the door he runs into the back of the apartment. There is a dog across the hall, but Scout has not seen him. Scout also has issues going out on the patio. I went out with him one night and he satyed out ok, exploring, but if I just let him out by himself he only stays out 5 minutes tops, but mostly like one minute. Maybe there are cars parking that scare him or he can hear cars on the interstate (our building is not next to the interstate, but you can hear it). Hopefully he gets braver because he loves going outside normally. Oh, and one night a black cat came over to visit him LOL. He does miss his dog friend, Cody, and Squiggy Jack. Hopefully the black cat comes back or he makes some other friends.

TJ starts his new job at Dick Edwards Ford in the service department tomorrow. He is excited. I go back to work on Friday.

That is all for now :)

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