Monday, September 12, 2011


After 9/11 my world was very different, as was everyone's. Though very subtle, there was the absence of planes in the sky. There was the never-ending news coverage. It was hard to find anything else to watch as the stations slowly, one by one, started returning to regular programming. There was the feeling that life would never feel "normal" again.

The most striking thing about that time for me, though, is seeing people in public.... people I knew, strangers, family, friends.... and knowing that EVERYONE, whether it was foremost or in the back of their minds was thinking about what happened. You knew it was there on the periphery of conciousness and that, to me, was very eerie.

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That corgi :) said...

It was so very different, indeed, especially those first few days/weeks after 9-11. I know I'd lay awake at night imagining the horror of it all; how hard it must have been for family who lost loved ones or people that actually saw the planes crash into the buildings, etc.