Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Monday Mondays!!

Oh my goodness, this day has been a trip! One of the craziest Mondays ever. Well, lest night I could not sleep. I did not sleep in and only had an hour nap so I do not know what the deal was. I have had hunger issues due to the presnydone I am. My mind just wouldn't relax either. I tried some light cleaning, eating, reading....nothing helped. Finally around 2 or so I broke down and took half a Xanax. Then i proceeded to do some writing in my journal for school AND decorate the front. finally i went to bed and fell asleep around 3, woke up at 3:19 and fell back asleep about 3:30. Woke up at 6. Yeah, do the math.

My number one priority this morning was Red Bull. I sipped on it all day and I guess it did the trick because I was energized and and positive and all. My day literally flew by and never once did I feel sleepy or out of it. I wondered if I really was as present in my day as I believed LOL.

I ended up not having Miss K this afternoon. I made a stop at the grocery store and the library. Then I saw a dancing cell phone downtown. At least I hope I did!! Back at the apartment complex I got my mail, which included a b-day card from my bestie with a generous Target gift card and a note from my old neighbor on post :) Then I went to the office to get a package and I also got a door hanger for next month to show I will be handing out candy on Halloween!! Yes, I am preparing early! Hoping to get the decorations out this weekend. Got lots of craft projects saved on Pinterest!!

For this evening I still plan on cleaning up my diningroom and livingroom a bit more, making some dinner, doing laundry and starting an exercise plan (courtesy of Pinterest!). Then I want to read and go to sleep early!!

How was your Monday?

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That corgi :) said...

Hope you sleep better tonight! Always hard to deal with a night with little sleep and then have to function the next day, but it sounds like you managed to get through it relatively well! I like handing out candy on Halloween; always fun to see what the kids are wearing for costumes (and have a piece or two of candy while waiting for trick or treaters).