Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Ready Two Months Early

So, guess what is approximately 2 months from now???? Thanksgiving!!! And more importantly? (well, not really, but it is a big deal in my world) BLACK FRIDAY!!!

So, I have already began to mentally prepare for the big weekend and thought I would share some of my thoughts.

WEDNESDAY before Thanksgiving -- I have the day off of work. That is Preparation Day. Here in JC the salebills come in the paper on this day. So that is the first order of business -- buy a paper, get out the sale bills, sort, look for deals, plan my Friday adventures. Also a day to pre-make any food for Thanksgiving dinner. Like pies.

THURSDAY Thanksgiving Day --- cook. I am making Turducken this year(already put together in a box). Watch parades and football. Maybe have people over. Rest up for the big day. Take down the decorations.

FRIDAY Black Friday --- The day of all days!! The ultimate shopping experience. Ahhhh. I may even drive out to Topeka this year. Seriously For midnight sales. If there is something REALLY good. Otherwise it is JC and Manhattan. What I am hoping to find this year are deals on a down comforter, possibly a mixer, and some BIG towels. And a Wok. Maybe a Wii.

Then it is home to rest up for the evening. Because that is when we participate in the JC Christmas Parade!!! Then it is tree lighting in the park :)

At some point we need to get the Christmas decoration boxes from storage. It will be easy this year as I only have a couple for Blue Christmas.

SATURDAY --- Christmas Decorating Day!!! Which should be easier with only the blue stuff!! I also need to set up a gift wrapping station in the spare bedroom, card making station in the bedroom and general crafts in the diningroom :) I like to spread it around LOL.

Sunday -- Church and enjoy the fruits of my weekend labor :)

What are you mentally preparing for that is still a ways away???

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That corgi :) said...

Wow! You are a great planner for two months ahead!! Sounds like you got a good schedule too of what to do each of those days! I'm trying to think what I'm planning for these days, not much........

But one thing I do know, those next two months will fly by so quickly I do believe!