Friday, September 23, 2011

The Magical Glowing Plate

Awhile back they opened a Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Manhattan, Kansas called UMI (it means, you and me, together). It was really a big deal as it is the ONLY restaurant in the area with a sushi bar. We have been twice before, once for "regular" dining and once for Hibachi style. I always order Sushi, though.

The first time we went we sat near the sushi bar. I noticed that a couple of the sushi plates were glowing and I asked which items came with the glowing plates. The waitress explained that it was the sushi chef's choice of where he wanted to add the glowing ball(or cube). I hoped that one day I would get a glowing plate.

This evening we went to UMI for a belated birthday dinner. We were going to do Hibachi(and Sushi!), but the wait was too long so we just did regular dining. Still a long wait but more manageable and the manager was giving people free Edamame! Anyway, since we were not doing a dinner I decided to get a few Sushi selections and appetizer. I had a calamari "salad", spider roll and spicy crab hand roll. I also chose a sweet shrimp from the specials menu by the sushi bar. The other sushi came first, then came the shrimp...

It was on a glowing plate!!!!!!!! I was so excited (it also had 2 crawfish heads). It was very awesome to get a covetted glowing plate.

I later proceeded to play with the crawfish heads, putting one on the cube to be the king with a parsley wreath and the other bowing down to him. Then I had them flank the cube dressed in their finest parsley and ceremonial ginger robes and lay a parsley on the cube. Photography at such a sacred ceremony was not allowed.

It was a very good dinner and well worth the wait.

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That corgi :) said...

so glad you got the lighted plate as part of your belated birthday celebration! It does look neat in the picture!